design services

Full Bloom: Starting at $3,500
Let us create beautiful, full, and luscious overflowing floral designs for your event. The Full Bloom package includes everything from bouquets to ceremony to the reception. Nico utilizes his expertise and talent from years of experience and his roots as a florist to customize your floral to the style and feel of your wedding, this package includes everything you would expect from a traditional wedding “florist”. This package is priced per floral item and can be upgraded to include additional visual properties and services if desired.


Spotlight: Starting at $5,000
Watch your tabletops come alive with a designer’s eye ensuring that every element is accounted for. From your floral arrangements to linens, chairs to chargers, we will ensure that each element complements the other and that the finished work reflects your personal taste, style, and desires. Each piece of your guest’s table has a layer of detail and sophistication. This package includes all floral items as well as a tabletop design fee for our input and assistance in obtaining every item on your tabletop. Additional visual properties for your event can be upgraded and included if desired.


Fireworks: Starting at $7,500
Watch your wedding or event transform with our full design package. Whether you are looking for something intimate, dramatic, whimsical, or organic we will ensure that every detail is addressed. We will create your custom floral bouquets and arrangements, put together your fabulous tabletops and ensure that no corner of your event space is left un-designed. Through our network of talented vendors, we can assist you with everything imaginable and ensure that your space is not only embellished, but also transformed. This package includes all floral items and props as well as an overall design fee.


Please keep in mind that we collaborate with amazing coordinators and our packages pair easily with their services. We would be happy to recommend someone from our handpicked list of exceptional event planners to meet your specific needs.






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